Teaching English in Japan: How to Get a Job in a Japanese School

Teaching English in Japan is a popular way to live and work abroad. English is not the native language of Japan, so they rely on educating their citizens in English. In fact, it’s one of their goals to teach students English as a second language. Teaching abroad in Japan can be a great opportunity for those interested in getting exposure to an Asian culture while also teaching kids about your own country. Here are some tips for getting started teaching English in Japan.

Get a degree in ESL

If you are interested in teaching English, it’s important to first have a degree in ESL. In addition, you’ll need to take some ESL courses as well.

Apply to some jobs in Japan

The first step in teaching abroad in Japan is to apply for some jobs. You want to do your research and find the best schools that hire native English speakers. The Japanese government has a list of schools, but you’ll want to look at other schools as well. You could also ask around as some people may know if certain schools are looking for teachers or not.

What to expect when teaching English in Japan

Teaching English in Japan is a great opportunity to travel abroad and experience a new culture. However, teaching in Japan is not always easy. The Japanese students typically learn English as part of their curriculum and are often told they need to speak English at home with their families.

Teachers may also find that Japanese students may be shy or lack self-confidence when speaking in front of others. It’s important for teachers to take these circumstances into account and introduce more creative ways of teaching the language, such as games or songs.

Teaching English in Japan after college

Many people want to teach English in Japan after college, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Just because you graduated from a university doesn’t mean you are qualified to teach English in Japan. To work in a Japanese school, you need to be a native English speaker with a bachelor’s degree or higher and have some teaching experience.


If you are considering teaching English in Japan, it is important to consider a few things before applying. You will need to have a degree in English education, and depending on your qualifications and experience you may need to apply to a few schools before you find the perfect position. Teaching in Japan can be a great way to earn money and travel, but it is important to make sure that you are prepared for your new life abroad.

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