Things to know about Export Business and Health Care Jobs in Japan

Export Business Jobs in Japan

There are many companies involved in exporting goods from Japan to a country near you. The most common type of export business that hires non-Japanese-speaking foreigners is the used car industry. Companies in Japan export used cars, trucks, and other vehicles to foreign countries. They are looking for staff to serve as customer support, using your native language or English to find clients in your home country.

These jobs can be tough because you have to learn export law and tariffs. You also have to work when your client is working, so you may be in the office during some strange hours of the night. People in customer support positions don’t make much, but you can find employers who accommodate your schedule preferences.

Check Jobs in Japan and Craigslist for export job positions in Tokyo.

Health Care Jobs in Japan

I am very accepting of the fact that Japan has its established customs and methods and is often not foreign-friendly. Despite this acceptance, I am unable to recommend the hospital aid position unless you really need the money or a visa to Japan.

When you mix a stressful situation like the environment of healthcare with communication issues, you will have a lot of conflict and anger issues between the staff members. The Japanese staff are under tremendous pressure, and they often take out that frustration on the hospital aids. Working these types of jobs can be incredibly draining and a difficult job in Japan for foreigners.

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